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Straightening Kanata, ON’s Teeth with Clear Braces

At Village Green Dental Care, we help patients get straighter teeth using the Perfect Smile clear braces system. This method lets users correct misaligned teeth without resorting to the unsightly and uncomfortable traditional “train track” braces. With these clear braces, you get straight teeth without making people aware you’re using anything at all. Clear braces work with a series of custom-fitting clear aligners instead of bands and metal wires that stand out whenever you smile. The clear aligners are an excellent choice for older teens and adults, and patients appreciate that they’re removable whenever they eat, brush and floss their teeth, and attend special events. It is essential to wear them for around 22 hours every day to ensure the best results possible from your treatment plan.

Benefits of Clear Braces for Misaligned Teeth

Using clear braces gives you effective treatment for a variety of alignment issues, such as spacing and overbites. Besides the beautiful results after treatment, there are many benefits you enjoy during your plan, including the following:

Nearly Invisible Treatment

While you’re wearing the aligners, they’re virtually undetectable by others who see you smile. There’s no need to worry about unsightly metal wires, brackets, or bands. Instead, you get a clear and comfortable method to straighten your teeth.

Eat Whatever You Want

Since the aligners are removable, you can take them out whenever you eat. This allows you to indulge in any food you desire, including sticky, gooey, and chewy treats, without worrying about them sticking to or dislodging your appliances.

Brush and Floss Normally

Another perk of the removable aligners is you can brush and floss your teeth every day normally. Issues with traditional braces and hygiene include difficulty properly cleaning your teeth and the hardware attached to them, which in turn leads to insufficient hygiene, cavities, and other problems.

Look Your Best at Events

When you have a prom or a wedding to attend, you want to enjoy yourself and smile in pictures. You can remove the aligners when you participate in events to show off your best smile with friends, coworkers, and loved ones.

Get a Perfect Smile at Village Green Dental Care

Village Green Dental Care is ready to help you correct your dental alignment issues and look your best using the Perfect Smile clear braces system. You can straighten your teeth with a nearly invisible method that lets you smile and enjoy daily life throughout your treatment plan.

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