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Kanata, ON’s Source for Comfortable Dentures

At Village Green Dental Care, our team helps patients regain their smiles with removable dentures to replace their lost teeth. Our practice provides complete dentures when you’ve lost all your teeth, as well as partial dentures when you’ve only lost some of them. When time is an important factor in replacing your teeth, you can also get immediate dentures. These custom dentures are created in advance so that we can position them in your mouth as soon as we remove your teeth. Immediate dentures allow you to avoid enduring a period during which you have to go without teeth. Dentures are an excellent solution for a variety of dental problems, and they allow you to speak clearly and chew better. You can also smile confidently with dentures since these natural-looking replacements preserve your esthetics. When you opt for dental implants, we can use dentures in conjunction with them to provide better retention.

Benefits of Having Custom-Made Dentures

Replacing your teeth with partial or complete dentures offers many different benefits for your appearance and daily oral functions, such as eating and conversation. Some of those benefits include the following:

Created for a Precise Fit

We custom-fabricate your dentures to fit your mouth precisely. The dental lab uses impressions of your mouth to create dentures that fit your bite and oral space specifically, and we make any adjustments to ensure they’re comfortable and work properly.

Removable for Cleaning, Sleeping, and Adjustments

Since our complete and partial dentures are removable, you can take them out to clean them and when you sleep. Whenever you need an adjustment or repairs, we can take your dentures and service them without any trouble.

Look like Your Natural Teeth

The acrylic base is colored and shaped to emulate your gums and blend in while the artificial teeth look and function just like your natural ones. While you wear them, they fill in your missing teeth and restore your smile.

Chew and Speak with Confidence

With dentures, you get your bite back again. You can chew your food properly and enjoy meals with friends and family. Your teeth are also essential to your speech. The dentures restore your full arches and allow you to speak clearly.

Get a Full Smile Again at Village Green Dental Care

Village Green Dental Care wants to help you enjoy your life even after tooth loss. Whether decay, trauma, or gum disease leads to missing teeth, our dentures will restore your bite and appearance.

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