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Dental Implants for Kanata, ON’s Missing Teeth

Village Green Dental Care is a proud provider of dental implants for our patients throughout Kanata, ON. A dental implant is a titanium root that we place into your jawbone, onto which we attach a permanent, non-removable artificial tooth to replace the one you’ve lost. Using dental implants, we can improve your teeth’s function and improve your smile. When you have bad or missing teeth, you might be embarrassed by the look of your smile. Implants are also an excellent solution to improve your oral health. Many people have an easier time eating when they have dental implants, and your speech also improves with these permanent replacements in your mouth. You may also find dental implants more comfortable than other options since they’re a permanent fixture. Our team of dental professionals will gladly help you determine if dental implants are the right choice for you.

Regular Care for Your Implants & Oral Health

Dental Implants can last you a lifetime when they’re implanted correctly, and you take good care of them. Brushing and flossing are still important when you have implants, and doing so will help to ensure your oral health stays in top condition. Visiting us for regular hygiene appointments is also essential to maintain your teeth and mouth when you have dental implants. By caring for your whole mouth, including your dental implants, with routine oral care, you can enjoy chewing, speaking, and smiling with confidence. After an adjustment period, you will notice that your new implants look, feel, and function the same as your natural teeth. The titanium posts are biocompatible and fuse with your jawbone for a stronghold, and the artificial teeth are shaped and colored to match your natural teeth.

Enjoy a Full Smile Again

Village Green Dental Care makes sure every patient gets the attention they deserve for their best oral health and most beautiful smile. If you’re missing one or more teeth and need dependable replacements, dental implants are an excellent and permanent solution. Our dental team will assess your mouth to determine if you’re a candidate for these tooth replacements. Having sufficient gum and jawbone tissue is necessary for successful implants. We’ll gladly answer any questions you have about your options at our practice in Kanata, ON.

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