Improving Your Smile Through the Different Teeth Whitening Options

Improving Your Smile Through the Different Teeth Whitening Options

Dec 01, 2020

A beautiful smile is a gem that everyone would love to own. Bright and sparkly teeth are not only for aesthetics but a requirement in some jobs, such as models, tv, and sales. If you are a sales representative, a client is likely to be interested in talking to you have a beautiful smile.

Some of the factors that might affect your smile aesthetics include dull or stained teeth. However, if you have stained or discolored teeth, you should not have to worry anymore. With the available teeth whitening options, you can achieve bright and white teeth.

What Causes Teeth-Staining and Discoloration?

Several factors cause your teeth to become yellow, dull, and lose the bright white sparkle. Good oral hygiene is significant for white teeth and the promotion of your oral health. Therefore, if you don’t brush and floss your teeth regularly, plaque builds up on the enamels’ surfaces. As plaque builds up on the enamel, your teeth start becoming yellow and dull.

Some foods and beverages are staining agents. Therefore, continued consumption of foods and drinks such as coffee, red wine, grape juice, and blueberries can cause stains on your teeth. Apart from eating the above foods, you can get teeth staining and discoloration from the continued use of some medications such as tetracycline.

The other factor that causes teeth discoloration is the use of tobacco products. When you smoke, tobacco produces two discoloration agents, which are nicotine and tar. Tar and nicotine sticks on your teeth enamels and cause yellowing. Finally, your teeth can become discolored if the enamel is eroded, exposing the inner portion knowns as dentin.

Teeth Whitening Options

When you seek teeth whitening services, your dentist in Kanata will recommend an option, depending on the severity of the staining and discoloration. If you have severely-stained or -discolored teeth, your dentist will recommend in-office treatments. For mild staining ad tooth discoloration, the dentist can recommend home-based whitening.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening provides you with the quickest way to achieve a bright and white smile. With in-office treatments, the dentist applies the bleaching agent directly on your teeth. When you are receiving teeth whitening in Kanata, Ottawa, the dentist might consider deep bleaching or zoom teeth whitening that utilizes a special laser to eliminate deep stains.

Home-Based Teeth Whitening

If you have mild stains, the dentist might recommend home-based teeth whitening options. Unlike in-office teeth whitening that can provide dramatic results after two or three sessions, home-based dental whitening treatments take more time. Some of the at-home teeth whitening options that your dentist might recommend are:

  • hismileā„¢. A hismile teeth whitening kit contains gel for six applications, a mouth tray, led light to enhance whitening, a shade guide, and an instruction manual that guides you on how to use it. When using a hismile kit, your dentist instructs you to attach the LED light to the mouth tray, apply the gel on it, and switch on the LED light.
  • Toothpaste and mouth rinses. All types of toothpaste have whitening effects. However, you can use some kinds of toothpaste with bleaching and polishing agents to whiten your teeth. Just like toothpaste, mouth rinses can have the bleaching factors to help you achieve a bright and sparkly smile.
  • Whitening strips and gels. Your dentist can recommend gels and strips that contain bleaching agents to eliminate mild stains. Your dentist will give a schedule that you can follow when applying the teeth whitening strips or gels for dramatic results.

Maintaining the Effects of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening results are not permanent. Therefore, you should consider some aftercare tips to prolong the effects of teeth whitening treatments. You can also consider touch-up treatments every six months.

The following are some of the teeth whitening aftercare tips:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day to prevent plaque and tartar build-up
  • Avoid consuming foods that are known staining agents, especially during the first days after teeth whitening treatments since your enamel will be more vulnerable to staining
  • Stop smoking or using any tobacco products

If you have questions about or need teeth whitening treatments, call us now to book an appointment with our dentist at Village Green Dental Care.