Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry in Kanata, Ottawa, ON

Experiencing a dental emergency can be just as scary and life-threatening as other medical emergencies. In addition, the need for emergency dentistry in Kanata, Ottawa, ON, can be unexpected. Therefore, it’s important to understand how to access services from emergency dentist near you. This is especially true if you have recently undergone oral surgery, suffered an injury to the jaw area, or developed an oral bacterial infection.

Ignoring signs of a dental emergency or delaying treatment can result in dangerous outcomes due to blood loss and/or compromised breathing. If you develop symptoms that require emergency dentistry, call our dentists in Kanata right away for help. Village Green Dental Care provides emergency dental care for those in need, including new and existing patients.

Emergency Dentistry

Any level of oral pain can feel intense and even agonizing. Often, conditions that result in serious oral pain are considered urgent and should be treated as soon as possible during regular office hours. Dental emergencies, however, require immediate professional treatment in order to avoid potentially life-threatening circumstances.

Here are three conditions that indicate a dental emergency:

  • Oral bleeding that cannot be controlled or stopped
  • Head injury or trauma that impacts the jaw or potentially blocks a person’s airway
  • Swelling inside or outside the mouth due to infection that impacts or potentially blocks a person’s airway

If any oral symptoms are present that include uncontrolled bleeding or compromised breathing, call immediately for emergency dentistry in Kanata, Ottawa, ON. Treatment for such conditions should never be delayed.

Emergency Dental Treatment

The goal of emergency dentistry services is for our emergency dentist near you to treat any life-threatening oral health conditions immediately. This may include necessary procedures such as tooth extractions, initial repair of facial bones, or methods to reduce swelling. In addition, you may be treated with medication for pain relief or antibiotics to fight infection.

Contact Village Green Dental Care to understand more about emergency dentistry in Kanata, Ottawa, ON. It’s essential that you are prepared for emergency dental services near you if they are necessary. In addition, follow up with Village Green Dental Care if you have received emergency oral care. New patients are accepted and welcomed.