Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Kanata, Ottawa, ON

Pain is how the body lets us know that something is wrong. This is true when it comes to your teeth as well. If you are experiencing intense and/or persistent tooth pain, you may need root canal therapy in Kanata, Ottawa, ON.

Though many people associate root canal procedures with oral pain, this therapy is actually intended to alleviate tooth pain and save one or more of your teeth. Our endodontist near you offer root canal therapy as a restorative dental procedure to improve your oral health. If you are experiencing chronic tooth pain, contact Village Green Dental Care for treatment information.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy can mean the difference between saving your permanent tooth or losing it. This is a restorative dental procedure that relieves severe and persistent pain due to inflammation or infection within the roots of a tooth. Our endodontist near you, will perform root canal treatment to save the affected tooth.

During root canal therapy, you can expect professional treatment to include:

  • Removal of pulp inside the tooth
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of tooth
  • Shaping of tooth’s root canals
  • Sealing open space with filling or crown

Root canal therapy prevents tooth loss and further decay or damage to the affected tooth. Once it is completed, tooth pain is alleviated for the patient, and health is restored to the tooth.

Why Root Canal Therapy Is Needed

If you have any symptoms such as intense or persistent tooth pain, swollen gums, and/or tooth sensitivity, you may need root canal therapy in Kanata, Ottawa, ON. Ignoring these signs of trouble or waiting for the problem to resolve on its own will result in further damage and potential tooth extraction. In addition, tooth pain will continue or worsen over time.

Preventing tooth loss is best when it comes to oral health. Though root canal therapy can seem stressful, it is a less complicated procedure than tooth extraction and subsequent dental treatments such as bridges, dentures, etc., to replace a missing tooth.

Contact Village Green Dental Care for consultation with our endodontist near you, about root canal therapy in Kanata, Ottawa, ON, as well as other restorative procedures, we are always accepting new patients.