Situations that you should get in touch with your dentist immediately

Situations that you should get in touch with your dentist immediately

Apr 02, 2021

There are dental conditions that just cannot wait.  These are conditions that will not wait for appoint schedules or working hours  but demand immediate attention of the dentist because the situation may go from bad to most cases, it is upon the patient to evaluate the symptoms and made the decisions whether you seek the attention of the dentist immediately or not. It is important that you know and understand situations that demand immediate medical attention so that you get the attention when required. Here are some of the situations that when you face, then you need to seek the attention of a professional immediately.

Excruciating toothache

There is the normal pain that is characteristic of a normal dental situation then there is the unbearable pain that is extreme. If the pain is too much, even after taking a painkiller you still need to see a dentist. It is important to identify the actual cause of the intense pain. In some instances, it might not just be a case of the normal toothache but the pain maybe associated with the ears or the nasal tissues. Under this situation, it is an emergency issue that must be attended to by a dentist immediately to prevent further damage that will extend beyond the dental issues.

Fractured or broken teeth

Whether you were in a fight or fell down, any fracture or break of the teeth is an emergency issue and should be attended to by a professional immediately. If the tooth or teeth is broken or chipped it may be save but the chances are higher when medical attention is sought immediately. You should carry the broken pieces with you when contacting and reaching out for emergency services.  In this case, time is important and the immediately reaction and intervention of the professional will be essential in restoration of the damage tooth.

Missing filling or crown

If you had a crown installed on your teeth and they get to fall, you need a doctor immediately.  When the crowns fall, the tooth is extensively exposed in parts that should be protected. It should not stay this way for long lest it results to further complications. In addition, you will feel extensive pain.  This qualifies as an emergency because the gap must be closed immediately and the damage repaired as soon as possible. You should contact your dentist immediately under these circumstances and ensure that medical attention is given to the tooth.

In the case of infections

Infections are often taken lightly. However, infections are emergencies that should be attended to immediately.  With infections, it is not about being able to handle the pain but the damage that the infection causes to your oral health. If you see absence or pus formation on the gums, reach out to a dentist immediately.  The longer you wait the more damage that is caused and the damage can extend beyond your teeth to other parts.

Excessive bleeding of the teeth

When you are bleeding excessively, you certainly need a dentist or oral surgeon to evaluate the extent of the damage and take necessary measures. Any bleeding whether caused by trauma in the gums, cheeks, tongue or even lips need urgent medical attention.  The injury may need a stitch or cauterization. These procedures must be provided immediately to the wound.

Objects sticking between the teeth

In the event that you use your teeth to bite foreign objects that then get stuck in between the teeth, you will need a dentist for your care.  The foreign objects lodged on your teeth would cause damage to the lungs and or even the teeth. Their removal immediately is necessary thus qualifying the attention to be an emergency dentistry issue.

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