Insurance and Financing

In general, routine and preventive dental care, such as regular exams and cleanings, is covered by dental insurance policies. Some procedures, however, may only be covered in part or not at all by insurance. This applies especially to cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening or bonding.

If a dental insurance policy does not fully fund a dental procedure, financing or other payment options may be required outside of or as a supplement to insurance.


Before undergoing any dental procedure or treatment, it’s essential to understand what is covered by dental insurance. If a procedure is not covered by insurance, or only partially so, the patient is responsible for the remaining balance.

Please consult our dental care team about financing options for dental procedures that are not covered in full by insurance.

Other Payment Methods

We accept other payment methods for services, if required. Patients have the option of paying with cash, major credit cards, or Paybright. For more information about insurance and financing, contact our dental care team.

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