Root canal therapy can mean the difference between
saving your natural teeth or losing them. This is a
restorative dental procedure that relieves severe and
persistent pain due to inflammation or infection within
the roots of a tooth.
If you have any symptoms such as intense or persistent
tooth pain, swollen gums, and/or tooth sensitivity, you
may need root canal therapy in Kanata. Ignoring these
signs of trouble or waiting for the problem to resolve on
its own will result in further damage and potential tooth
extraction. In addition, tooth pain will continue or worsen
over time. Contact Village Green Dental Care for
consultation with our endodontist.
Root Canal Therapy Session
Patient Smiling During a Check-up
When it comes to choosing a dental clinic in Kanata,
there are plenty of options. Between our five-star rated
patient experience and recent move to a new, state-of-
the-art dental clinic, we believe that we’re one of the
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We have been providing patient-centered dental care to
patients from Kanata and all over Ottawa for years now
and aim to improve your oral health with our honest
approach to dentistry. Before any dental treatments
begin, we make sure to educate our patients on the
latest technology and dental techniques to ensure
comfort during every visit. We promise that excellent,
compassionate, and empathetic dental care will be
provided to each patient.

Great Location

Our large new dental clinic is conveniently
located in a central part of Kanata right beside
the Trans-Canada Highway. Our location is newly
renovated and completely modern.


Modern Equipment

With the move to our new location, we’ve
purchased new equipment and new furniture to
ensure comfort during your visit. Ready to see
Kanata’s newest dental clinic? Visit us!


Outstanding Service

Our top priority is patient care. We tailor all of our
dental treatments to the needs of our patients and
are proud to be as honest as possible during all
consultations, checkups and cleanings.

We truly appreciate your kind reviews and ongoing support. See what
our dental patients in Kanata say about Village Green Dental Care.